Looking For The Best Consumer Electronics Manufacturer?

Echeers is a manufacturing and international trading company based in Shenzhen, China. We specialize in consumer electronics for both the retail and promotional markets.
To ensure high quality and innovation in our products, we invest heavily in our manufacturing facilities and human resources. With a strong engineering and software development team, not only can Echeers provide industry-leading manufacturing services, but also provide research and development capabilities to our clients, like smart hardware development, algorithm development, and robotic product engineering.

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Why You Should Choose Echeers

Manufacturing and R&D Fulfillment



    Echeers provides industry-leading tooling service, we are able to design and optimize the tools according to your need and need of production.

  • Prototype


    Making working prototypes is what we have been practicing for years, from hand made to 3D printing, CNC.Echeers is able to validate your design professionally and fast.

  • PCBA


    Our electronic engineers are full of experience in developing PCBA all many kinds of electronic products solution. Echeers is able to design and produce PCBA according to your requirements.

  • Product-Assembly


    Product-Assembly is the very foundation of Echeers manufacturing business. From simple assembly to advanced product integration, Echeers can be your first choice to make the quality products.

  • Industry-design


    Just have a product idea? Yes, Echeers In-house designer is able to help you sketch your idea, make your idea into tangible visual assets and executable solution.

  • IoT-Development


    Looking for IoT development solution? Echeers software and hardware team are able to help you to design and make IoT product like robots, wearables, voice-control product, etc.

  • Product-Idea-Validation


    Worry about that your product design is not executable? Our experts are able to help your validate your product idea and design, and optimize the solution. Reduce your risk and fasten your manufacturing process.

  • Robotic-Engineering


    Robotic engineering is a core capacity of Echeers. We are able to design and make bionics robot, humanoid robots, other kinds of mechanical engineering design.

What Makes Echeers Outstand

Industry Leading Service and Standard.

Our Services

Our Services

Echeers provides not only industry-leading manufacturing services, but also research and development capabilities to our clients, like smart hardware development, algorithm development, and robotic product engineering.

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Quality Control

Quality Control

Product safety and quality are our top priorities, hence we have a strict quality control instruction. We strive to deliver the best quality possible at your preferred price range.