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7 Best Smart Robotics Toys For Gifts In 2019

In recent years, more and more smart robot toys are coming into our sights, with the developing capabilities, the robotics toys are those objects which are in the possession of functions and value brought into human lives, which include  companion, kids learning or kids education, stress-relief and etc.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 40 million adults in the US are affected by anxiety, and millions more are afflicted depression-related disorders. Overall, the estimate 18% of all adults have some form of mental illness.

The study “Child Development and the Human Companion Animal Bond” interpreted that over 70% of U.S. households with children also have pets, with most parents reporting acquisition of animal “for the children”. This paper also shown that the companion pets could able to help children those who lack of the relationships with humans to be in a better relation with perceptual, cognitive, social and emotional development. More details about the research please click here.

These study and cases above obviously argued that in modern lives, various kinds of groups are in creasing need of mental health and service, no matter in the aspects of companion, stress-relief or the kids education and positive development. In this moment, it is time for robot toy to take the stage.


  • Why You Need The RoboticsToys
  • 7 Best Robotics Toys For Gifts
  • The Suitable OccasionsFor Gifts
  • Factors Of Robot Toys Picking


Why You Need The Robotics Toys

When it comes to this topic, I have an interesting story to tell you guys.

Joe Hawkins lives in London with his wife and three kids. Running a household and having a job would already be an immense task for the parents, but Laura, the mother, has frequent business trips and leaves the kids and the house to joe. So, he decides to buy a robotic servant looking precisely like a human. The children name it Anita. These are the first scenes of the series, Humans, but it could also easily be an episode of every family’s future life.

With the advancement of robotics and artificial intelligence, social companion robots started to take shape: these human or animal shaped, smaller or bigger mechanic creatures are able to carry out different tasks and have interactions with humans and their environment. In the future, they might become every parent’s little helper in the kitchen, might support the guard dog in keeping the house safe, might teach the children and be their companion and support the elderly from reminding to take their medication until keeping them company when they feel lonely.

The fight against social isolation and loneliness is an essential reason for social companion robots.Being lonely can be as bad for someone’s health as having a long-term illness such as diabetes or high blood pressure, the leader of Britain’s GPS said in 2017. Moreover, researchers found that social isolation is a better predictor of early death than obesity. While it’s evident that a robotic companion cannot replace human interaction, where there is no chance for human care, a friendly and cute robotic creature is way better than nothing at all.


Educational for kids

In both school-based curriculum and at homes many domestic robots and digital devices are being incorporated as learning tools for kids. From simplistic homemade toys such as dolls, balls,building blocks, and most recently high tech gadgets have been employed to aid in kids’ development. In particular, in the past few years, robotics toys for kids are gaining popularity in many households. The use of robotic technology for kids’ toys has shown a significant and positive impact on the lives of the little ones It has long been known that me is the first school for kids and parents are first educators in their life. For this reason, parents are opting to gift their children with robotic toys. This way they can have fun and learn at the same time. This does not mean the robotic toys replace the role of parents in interacting and being involved with their kids rather they assist them.

  • They appear more ‘real’and responsive because they are programmed to perform certain activities including talking, singing, barking, smiling, making eye movements, dancing and storytelling. This integration of machine-human aspect makes them appealing to kids.
  • Some can record kid’s voices and play it
  • They employ hands-on experience technique which actively engages them
  • They are versatile and can be used to craft different designs
  • They simplify technology and complex STEM principles such as programming to a level that matches children skills.
  • Some are mobile and can ‘speak’ to kids
  • Compared to humans robotic toys are non-judgmental, patient, do not get tired of repetitive actions and are child-friendly making them appealing to children especially those with developmental disabilities
  • They are educative in a fun way of making them great learning buddies for kids
  • Robotic kits pave way for their future success in career life
  • They empower kids with computational and creative writing skills


Entertainment & Stress Relief

The Japanese love their pets but are faced with the lack of space to accommodate live companion animals. As if on cue, Japanese toy manufacturers have produced a new range of robotic pets ranging from the standard companion animals to potted plants.

Apparently, sales of the Dream Pet range of robotic domestic animals, made by Sega Toys Co, rose by 30 per cent between October and December last year, compared to the same months the previous year. Another Japanese toy manufacturer, Tomy Co, also experienced an 80 percent increase in sales in the same period for its robot puppy, which is convincingly lifelike to the extent that its owners can even take it for a walk.

Hiroshi Hirano, the sale department manager at Sega Toys Co., told media at Toy Forum 2009 trade show in Tokyo that he “thinks those toys are popular because they are cute and can soothe people.”

These pets seem perfect for people with hectic lives and busy schedules as owners do not need to worry about cleaning up after them or leaving them alone during working hours. With such innovative technology, people can enjoy the benefits of having a pet without the hassle of actually looking after them. Even in Singapore, the Zhu Zhu hamsters rocketed off the shelves until they were recalled due to a toxic substance used during manufacturing. Which leads us to conclude that at least, when this pet craze is over, the pets being put aside will not be able to feel the rejection and pain when that happens.


Top 7 Robotics Toys For Gifts


1.Echeers Dancebot speaker

Dancebot is a smart dancing audio companion. It is a groovy robot that jives to the audio played through its speakers.

Its intelligent algorithm allows it to process any audio passed through it and translate that into expressive movements. Dancebot likes to impress with its two little feet. It taps its feet and jives to upset tunes. It slides in silky sleek movements to bring out the sexy in slow pieces.

Dancebot is prepared with high-quality plastic. The surface of this toy is smooth and the company has indeed programmed it in a way to interact with others. They can dance, jump and walk and the dog will be accompanying you the same way you want.

The Dancebot is programmed with four music and dances that will entertain the children. You can totally and easily communicate with them. The dog will certainly make cute and fantastic sounds whenever you will play your own music or video through connection of Bluetooth with Dancebot.

Buy on Amazon| $54.99


2.GREFAR Portable Music Player Mini Robot

GRAFER portable music player and speaker is a perfect intelligent robotics toy for young genius. Not only it is in the possession of a simply white and clean appearance but also it is multifunctional such as AUX audio input, voice call Bluetooth one button to answer hang up and etc. As a matter of fact, it is a smart toy as it features voice controls, reacts to responses and so much more. It is indeed operated with the use of batteries.

Designed fro kids ages five and up, it is a great way to introduce STEM and coding skills in a fun and engaging way. It runs on one nine-volt battery(not included), but you can also purchase a rechargeable battery(sold separately).


Buy on Amazon| $139.99


3.  Senarai Haga Leegoal Mini Super Cute Cartoon Big White A9 Robot

The Senarar Haga Leegoal mini robot which has a appearance like the cartoon character Big white is a amazing and creative toy with the rechargable feature, besides, you guys can have some interactions with it through Bluetooth connection and voice sounds.


Buy it on Amazon| $18.50


4.DBigness Boombox Bluetooth Speaker Kartun Robot

Boombox Bluetooth speaker Kartun Robot is a advanced-robotics toy for the users, which can be used to card playing, radio outside-expanding and voice prompt. No matter the news, the story or even the radio delivery, you guys can totally enjoy the high-quality sound anywhere.

Buy it on AliExpress | $49.58


5. Emotix Miko

Just over a year old, Miko is an emotionally intelligent robot capable of engaging, educating and entertaining. Designed for children above the ages of five, this pint-sized package has access to a wide pool of knowledge which it conveys to a child in a conversational manner.

Miko can talk to children who are at least five years old and it encourages them to speak to it by saying things like, “Ask me something.” It will respond to general knowledge questions, and answer queries on basic maths, or do fun things like tell stories or sing a song a song-just prefix your request with”Hello Miko.” Miko also tells children not to litter around, among other things. It can even play games such as book cricket with children.

Miko does not need Internet for many of these features- it can play a game, or even hold a basic conversation offline, though answering general knowledge questions will of course need it to be online.

Buy on Amazon| $ 183.85



6. Etuoji Children Dancing Robot

It is a robotics toy with features of 7-color appearance design, unique and lovely. With the tech design and development, this robot toys has function of color light, music, walking and rotating. By the way, the robot could do some moves according to the music, no matter the blue, the jazz or others, it does bring much fun to you guys. What a great and perfect gift for your child.

Due to difference between different monitors, the picture may not reflect the actual color of the item.


Buy it on Amazon| $ 64.99


7.  Silverlab Smart Interactive Voice and Touch command Home Robot


This smart interactive robot can sing, dance, play music, move around, and speak. And with its small, portable, travel size, kids and adults will love to bring it around to play with. With simple voice commands and touch sensors, the smart robot makes it very fun and adults will too!

It is a funny and educational toy for kids whose voice control function can make different actions with different sounds. With touch sensing design, youcan have a long press to adjust the volume, and also try to make voice recording and repeat. In addition, high-quality plastic material make you guys feel smooth, eco-friendly and durable.

Buy on SILVER LAB| $ 74.95



The Suitable Occasions For Gift

In this part, we decide to take one of these products as the example to give you guys a better and direct demonstration.

The adorable Dancebot brings smiles to adult and child alike. Dancebot is a gift that is perfect as a personal or corporate gift. Additionally, Dancebot could be personalized or branded with a custom startup sound. Any of you guys could record a special message or have your brand’s music be the sound Dancebot plays when it is turned on.

As a result, Dancebot could be gifted for no matter your child, friends, colleagues, lovers or even families in any occasions like important festivals such as Christmas, wedding anniversary or birthday. Trust me, it would be a amazing present for them. You can learn more information here if interested.


7 Factors To Consider When Selecting Robot For Gifts



It is important that toys should be age appropriate so as to match their skills level and developmental stage. For example, while pet robots may be a good fit for younger kids it may not appeal to teenagers as they require more advanced toys. In addition robot toys for toddlers should be:

  • Made of attractive colors to appeal to kids
  • Light to avoid harming children when they fall on them
  • Sturdy and well built to avoid breakages
  • Should not be sharp to avoid pricking or cutting the kids
  • Include stories and songs to keep them entertained


Toys should be small enough for toddlers to hold or lift them.


To ensure robot toys are safe for users they should be:

  • Big enough not fit in children mouths to avoid chocking
  • Made of non-toxic materials and lead-free paints
  • Have a secure battery casing
  • Made of a flame-resistant fabric


Younger kids are known to be rough when it comes to handling items. Especially with toddlers toys are subject to falls and being thrown on hard surfaces. Toys should be made of a strong fabric.


Educational impact for kids

Depending on age robot toys should incorporate different educational skills including identifying items, numbering, sorting colors and shapes, grammar and coding.



What is your purpose for buying your kid a robot toy? What are their passion and interests? What do you want them to learn speech, counting, storytelling? What do they want to learn science, coding or mathematics?

With that said it is easy to choose the right robot for your kid. If you notice their interest is leaning towards science or technology then a Makeblock robot would be an ideal gift to them.



To wrap it up, robots can be engaging toys for kids to learn from, especially if they want to be computer programmer or engineers someday. It can teach them the basics of coding or programming and will also enhance their building skills and imagination.

Robots are more than just machines-they can be your child’s new buddy, just like their pet dong or cat, because they can create them depending on their preferences. We hope you enjoyed out top picks for the best robotics toys in 2019.