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BQB certification—The indispensable certificate with Bluetooth products

1.What is BQB certification?
Bluetooth certification is BQB certification. If your product has a Bluetooth function and the appearance of the product to indicate the Bluetooth logo, must be called by a BQB certification. All Bluetooth SIG member companies can use the Bluetooth logo and logo after completing the certification. The Bluetooth logo and logo are only available for products that pass the Bluetooth qualification process.

2. Why is BQB compliance substantial?
With hundreds of Bluetooth trackers, Echeers is a leading supplier of high-quality Bluetooth tracker and solutions. BQB certification is a necessary certificate for the sale of  Bluetooth products. In fact, in strict accordance with the laws and regulations of the  countries where we sell, before each product is sold, we find an Authoritative laboratory  to do the certificate of compliance and provide it to our customers. Ensure that our  products are sold locally by the laws and regulations. One of the critical services we focus  on is ensuring that our customers can legally market our products locally