Dancebot is hot toys in 2019. It's a groovy robot that jives to the audio played through its speakers.

Dancebot–the hot toys in 2019

Dancebot is hot toys in 2019. It has an intelligent algorithm that determines the most appropriate dance move for the music that is being played. It moves to the rhythm and tempo of music in its adorable expression of the songs. It taps its feet and jives to upbeat tunes. It slides in silky sleek movements to bring out the sexy in slow pieces.

Our engineers have been creating and teaching Dancebot a whole set of moves possible with a combination of the motion of the four joints. The algorithm then strings the movements together on the fly to make a delightful performance. This means that each time Dancebot dances to the same song, it will surprise you with a different routine.

We received a lot of good feedback from Facebook, Youtube, and Amazon. If you want to buy one, welcome to buy it from Dancebot website. Thank you.