AT03 Echo Tag Pat

Bluetooth smart tracker

Product patented

Model: AT04
Weight: 13 g
Size: 38 x 38 x 10 mm
Color: White

Bluetooth smart tracker that alerts you when your belonging goes too far from your phone.

  • Simple, adorable design that goes well on any of your belongings
  • Small and light, easy to carry everywhere you go
  • Works as a remote to trigger app functions

Product Description

Echo Tag is a Bluetooth tracker that you fasten with your valuables, such as your keys, wallets, bags, or even pets. If you are tired of always misplacing your belongings, the Echo Tag will help you to solve your problems and make your life easier.

Two Way Find
The tag pairs with your phone via Bluetooth using our free iOS and Android apps. Press your Tag twice to make your phone ring. Then you can “find my phone” easier. Use your phone to make your Tag alert.

Separation Alert
When the tag and your phone are out of Bluetooth range, both will sound alarms to alert you.

Do Not Disturb
Do No Disturb mode suppresses the alert on phone and tag. Turn on DND mode to avoid being disturbed by during quiet hours. Set the days and time of day that you do not want to be disturbed.

Location record
Echo app records the last known location of your tag before it was lost. You also can press your Tag once to save a location to navigate back to later.

You can navigate to your Tag’s last known location or a saved location. Use your favorite map app to go to your Tag’s last known location or saved location.

Remote Control
Echo Tag can also function as a remote for your phone. You can use it to remotely trigger your phone camera and to remotely turn on the voice recording function on your phone.

Custom Alerts
You can set the alert distance, duration and even record your alert tone. Regarding the customized alert tone, you can create your very own alert tone by recording a 10 second sound clip.

Crowd Searching
Power up your search with the help of the Echo community.

Technical Specifications

Model: AT03
Weight: 13 g
Size: 38 x 38 x 10 mm
Color: White
Material: ABS and metal
Battery: CR2032 lithium button cell
Battery voltage: 3 V
Battery life: Up to 6 months
HS code: 8531809000

Minimum order quantity

Standard white casing: 500 pcs

Customised casing color: 2,000 pcs

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