PA02 Personal Safety Alarm

Emergency panic alarm

Product patented

Model: PA02
Weight: 30 g
Size: 65 x 43 x 18 mm
Color: White, Black

Emergency alarm that calls attention to you when you need aid.

  • Ear-piercing 110 dB alarm helps call for help
  • Pull the release pin to instantly trigger the alarm
  • Designed to look like a fashion accessory so assailants have no idea that it is a loud alarm

Product Description

Personal Safety Alarms is a siren that is used to draw attention to the user. The 120 dB calls attention to you when you need aid. Whether you are traveling through an unsafe stretch of road or need help. The alarm attracts attention to bring help and scare off the assailant in times of danger.

Emergency alarm

Pull the release pin to trigger the alarm. Wrap the bottom loop around your hand when you walk through a deserted or unsafe area. Hang the top loop on your handbag or other belongings that might be snatched. The alarm will continue to sound wherever the assailant go.

The alarm has a wide scope of use. It is suitable for people who are out at quite hours such as joggers and night shift workers, and for those who live alone, especially the elderly and disabled. It can also be used by people who are out hiking and lost their way.


The alarm is designed to look like a fashion accessory on your belongings. It looks good and assailants will have no idea that this seemingly decorative item is an ear-piercing alarm! It is small and portable, making it easy to carry wherever you go.

Replaceable battery

The tag uses 3 pcs LR44 lithium button cell that is widely available and easy to find, making replacing the battery very convenient. It will make your pocket happy because you only need to replace the battery instead of getting a new Safety Alarm.


The alarm helps to call for attention in times of danger. However, you should still practice caution and avoid unsafe areas or dangerous situations where possible.

Technical Specifications

Model: PA02
Weight: 30 g
Size: 65 x 43 x 18 mm
Color: White, Black
Material: ABS
Battery: 3 x LR44 alkaline button cell

Minimum order quantity

Standard casing : 500 pcs

Customised casing color: 2,000 pcs

Product certification

Battery certification

Factory certification